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Google Checkout Setup

Google Checkout Merchant Account

To be able to receive funds using Google Checkout, you must first register for a Merchant Account.

You can register for a merchant account directly with Google Checkout using the following link.
Click here to register for a Google Checkout Account

Once you have a Google Checkout account you will need to change a few settings in both Google Checkout and WP-Member.

Setting up Google Checkout in WP-Member

Log in to your WordPress admin area and go to "Memberships -> Settings -> Gateways -> Google Checkout". There you will need to enter the following information:

Live Switch - this can be set to Live, Sandbox, or Disable.

For testing purposes you can sign up for and use a "Sandbox" account, more information on this can be found here. If you are using a Sandox Account for testing, set this switch to "Sandbox" mode. If you are ready to process live transactions with your customers, set this switch to "Live" mode. Setting the switch to "Disabled" will hide all Google checkout options form your customers and de-activate the gateway.

Next, you will need to enter the following information:

Merchant ID
Transaction Key

You can find both your Merchant ID and Transaction Key inside your Google Checkout account. If you have any issues locating them, please contact Google Checkout support who will be able to provide the information for you.

Setting up Your Google Checkout Account

Next you will need to make a few changes to settings inside your Google Checkout account.

Inside your Google Checkout account go to "Settings -> Preferences -> Order Processing" and select the option Automatically authorize and charge the buyer's credit card.

Next, go to "Settings -> Integration" and set the following:

Uncheck the option "Shopping Cart Post Security: My company will only post digitally signed carts"

Enter the API Callback URL that is found on your WP-Member gateway settings page at "Memberships -> Settings -> Gateways -> Google Checkout". The API Callback URL will look something like this:


replacing "YourDomain.com" with the actual location of your website.

Callback Contents: select the option "Notification Serial Number".

That's all! Now you should be set up and ready to accept orders via Google Checkout.

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