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Upgrading and Downgrading

Many of our products and services allow you to upgrade and downgrade at any time. This can be used to move to a product or service with more features, or to add extra space to your hosting account.

When upgrading or downgrading, you will be issued a new invoice for the difference, if you are upgrading or downgrading before your present payment term has ended, the remaining fee that you have already paid will be added to the invoice as credit and deducted from the total on the invoice.

To upgrade or downgrade:-

1) Login to our Client Area by clicking here.

2) Click on the "My Services" link towards the top of the page.

3) Click on the icon next to the product or service that you would like to upgrade or downgrade.

4) Scroll to the bottom of the product page and towards the bottom left click on the "upgrade/downgrade package" button.

5) You will now be shown a list of available products or services that you can upgrade or downgrade to.

6) Once you have select the product or service you wish to upgrade or downgrade to, you will be presented with an invoice showing the total amount that you owe to complete the upgrade/downgrade process. There are no fees for upgrading or downgrading, but you will naturally be invoices for the difference in price between the two products or services after any credit has been deducted.

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