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Wordpress/Plugin upgrade
We will upgrade your wordpress install and plugins to the latest version. Newer versions of wordpress include automated core updating, but if you have an older version of wordpress, you may require us to upgrade it to the latest version so that you can automatically upgrade it in future. Keeping your wordpress up to date is very important as new releases fix security vulnerabilities and bugs that could leave your site open to attack if you do not upgrade.
Wordpress, plugin & theme install
We will install wordpress with your choice of plugins and themes. Once installed, we will setup all of the features, plugins and theme you want installed. The final site will be fully tested to ensure all of the plugins you have selected are working and your theme is correctly being displayed in both internet explorer and firefox browsers.
IonCube install
Installing IonCube onto your server can be tricky. We will install the relevant version of IonCube onto your server and generate all the required php.ini files and content required.
Site transfer
Moving a site from one location to another can be very tricky. If you are not familiar with editing, exporting and importing sql databases, it can cause a lot of serious problems with your site. We can move any site from one location to another. This can include transfers to completely seperate accounts on seperate domains. We will backup your sql database and files, edit both to show the correct new location and then upload them to your desired location before fully testing your site.

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